Marrakesh through a local

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By our tour guide Agence Guid'me:

There’s so many attractions to see in the vibrant city of Marrakesh. On this tour, the start will be at the Koutoubia Mosque that dates back to the 11 century built by the Almouhidin that once were rolling south of Spain. The Koutoubia is still in a very good shape and its design represents the diversity of morocco.
From here, we will head off to see more of the city by visiting the stunning palace of Bahia one of the most unique among Morocco’s palaces. Through the spices market, we will come across the historical gates, along with the daily life of the locals. Next we will make a visit to the the Argan Oil and spices House where you will get information about a very rare oil , see how the Berber women produce what is known in Europe as a Berber Gold Liquid.

Finally, you’ll head off to the souk where stalls creak under the weight of take-home temptations. From hand-woven rugs to baskets made from palms, ornate hookahs to gilt coffee pots, you can buy anything and everything here. As you make your way through the market, remember to haggle with the merchants to pick up some great bargains.

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